Rsync and Synology

This week I faced a problem with the embedded rsync of the Synology DSM 4.1. Got this box to replace a backup system. Weirdly, the Synology’s rsync insists in asking for a password for anonymous modules. After hours spent trying to figure out a misconfigured config file, I sorted out that the problem comes from the binary. After some googling, an alternative rsync binary can be installed on it. That’s how:

First, you have to bootstrap your Synology box. For the DiskStation 413 follow those steps:

Just put it in your repositories, install, then reboot. SSH in and enjoy your ipkg goodness! I’m installing some packages right now

Source: yokken post at Synology’s forum

Then install a new rsync using those instructions:

WARNING: Modify your NAS at your own peril, you can break things!

Optware is a collection of additional software packages, originally developed for the NSLU2. You can find instructions in the Synology Wiki on how to install Optware (ipkg):,_bootstrap,_ipkg_etc#How_to_install_ipkg
An important note is that bootstrapping ipkg requires a different bootstrap depending on the hardware architecture of your NAS. That means that people like me (DS410 – PPC, DS411j – ARM) should not do this while half asleep.

The following link describes the simple process of installing rsync once you have ipkg bootstrapped:

Essentially, all you need to do is:
Code: Select all
ipkg update
ipkg install rsync

Now you will the optware rsync installed in /opt/bin.

You can now modify /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/, if you like to start optware rsync instead of the stock one.

The changes to /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/ are so simple that it is not worth producing a diff.
Modify line 10 to read:
Code: Select all

Modify line line 24 to read:
Code: Select all
$Rsync –daemon –config=/etc/rsyncd.conf

Then restart rsyncd.

Remember that your synology backups will probably no longer work.

All of these instructions are provided without warranty – change the configuration of your NAS at your own risk

source: gmrza post at Synology’s forum

That’s it! You are done. And you can rsync again without password prompts on your anonymous modules.

Thank you guys for your posts. Saved me lots of time. That’s my turn to give it back.

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